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  • Great Work!

    Great Work!

    - Thiyagarajan
  • I think what you guys do is great!

    I think what you guys do is great :)

    - Victoria Stipetic, PA to Services Director
  • This is a great concept...

    This is a great concept for hardworking PA's to get something extra back. However it is let down by some retailers taking nearly 3 months to confirm cashback. Maybe you can introduce a rating system for PA's to rate the retailers? Barbara L

    - Barbara
  • Shop at

    I usually search on a price comparison site, and when I know where I want to purchase from I go to that retailer via My cashback has been adding up nicely, and I'm already at £478!

    - Robert Cooper
  • They even replied to my email at 11:30pm...

    I never write testimonials, but when I got an instant email reply at 11:30 p.m. I know these guys are here to stay! Great customer service

    - Sean Dibben
  • The parents book a holiday....

    The parents book a holiday and I get £46.83 cashback!! Thanks

    - Lisa Parsons
  • I have got £970 cashback so far!

    My doing all my purchasing through this site, I have already got £970 cashback. I LOVE this concept!

    - Angie Collins
  • You won’t get bombarded with emails...

    Really easy to use with something tangible to show for online transactions that you would have undertaken anyway. You won’t get bombarded with emails from them either: I registered on the website initially with my “expecting to disappear under a ton of emails” email address, but my fears were totally unfounded.

    - Carol Hollett
  • Great and prompt customer service

    I have loved my experience with pa-assistcashback. My queries get answered so quickly.. so refreshing from the way many other brands treat customers! Keep it up

    - Susan Crawford
  • Makes stationery orders even more exciting....

    Check out for fabulous cash back offers for your online purchases. Makes stationery orders even more exciting!

    - Patricia Singleton
  • Save and earn on a lot of purchases you do anyway....

    So easy to use and the cashback adds up quickly. You must try it once! You can save and earn on a lot of purchases you do anyway.

    - Joyce Donnan, London
  • £120 cashback will go to our team's Christmas Dinner fund...

    Wish I found this site earlier. I have already earned £120 cashback in 2 months which will go to our team's Christmas Dinner fund. Great website, thankyou!

    - Rebecca Keyworth, Manchester
  • Once you start using it you'll never shop without it...

    I've got £480 cashback from purchases o Viking, Expedia, & Interflora. Once you start using it you'll never shop without it.

    - Ann Murray, Leeds
  • Will continue to recommend you...

    Fantastic website with great customer service- many thanks, Swati & team- I will continue to recommend you to all my contacts

    - Angela Garry, Nottingham
  • A must for any PA....

    I use for all my usual online purchases, especially travel. I shop on the same sites, but now get cashback on top, I’m very impressed! So easy to use & the cashback keeps piling up! I have & will

    - Stefanie Fehse, Valencia

  • Fantastic website, with great customer service - many thanks, Swati and team - I will continue to recommend you to my contacts!!

    - amgarry

Transaction Amount might exclude delivery and taxes. Also some retailers do not share transaction amount and hence this can show as £0.0

Pending: This means that we are still waiting for the retailer to pay us. Retailers usually pay us within 4-12 weeks after the transaction.

Confirmed:This is cashback that can be paid to you. Please note you need at least £30 in Confirmed Cashback to request a payment the first time.

Requested: Cashback you have already requested payment for.

Paid: Cashback already paid to you.

Cancelled: Cashback declined by the retailer. If you disagree please contact us.

This is the date we expect retailers to pay us by. Once we are paid the status of your transaction shall automatically change to Confirmed. Once you have £30 in Confirmed Cashback you can request a payment.